Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Update....

I know, I haven’t been the best blogger but I have been very busy, you see…

The past 5 months have been really exciting for my label Mooce (pronounced Mutzy). Firstly, I have changed the name from Mooce Baby to just Mooce. I had to establish new Facebook page, new emails, new website domain, new twitter account, new company and the list goes on….. Then, I have made the decision to transfer my business from handmade production to  manufactured one. I have been through very exciting and challenging process of putting my first fully manufactured collection together. It took 3 ½ months to design and produce it but I can proudly report, this is now finished and on its way to Brisbane. YAY !

So, what is next…..?

I am currently working on our new website, preparing for Mooce photo shoot with wonderful Rachel Richter Photography and also working on various marketing activities (some of it is still a bit of secret)…..and of course, I have started designing again ;-)

So for now, we all have to wait a little longer until it all can be revealed.

Petra x

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