Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I really wanted to share with you all some of the shops that support and stock Mooce products and so I've decided to start series of short blog interviews to get a bit of insight on some truly amazing businesses and women behind them.  

First up, please meet Michelle from online store Fairy Monsters.

Tell us about your shop - Fairy Monsters

Fairy Monsters was developed with the idea of finding unique products that make mum’s life easier and a one stop shop for people looking for fabulous gifts for that special child in their life.

How long has your business been running?

Fairy Monsters is very new and we opened in April 2011

What does your shop stock?

We stock everything from skincare, toys, clothes, wall stickers and products to make things easier when out and about. I LOVE the Groovy Gripper. it is a rusk holder which clips to your child’s clothes so you don’t have to keep picking it up. it’s perfect especially when in the car.

What is the biggest challenge?

I am a stay at home to two daughters, Reagan who is 3 and Elyse who is almost 1 so sometimes it’s difficult to devote the time I want to work on developing the Fairy Monsters website and brand.

What do you love about what you do?
I have always wanted to work from home when I had kids and Fairy Monsters has provided that opportunity. I love the freedom to be with the girls but have something that I am so proud and passionate about outside of looking after the kids. I have also meet some great people through doing this who are always there to offer advice and bounce ideas off when I need it.

What's planned for the future of your shop?
I love sourcing new products that you don’t find in the major department stores, so I hope Fairy Monsters can keep providing unique products that other stores don’t have. There are also so many work at home mums now that create and design gorgeous products that I hope to sell through Fairy Monsters which gives them an outlet to get there brand known and also a one stop shop for people looking for those unique products.

Describe your perfect day?

Sunday is my perfect day. It’s the one day of the week we make sure we do something fun as a family or if we don’t have any plans we lounge about in our pyjamas most of the day and have a delicious morning tea from our local bakery.

Thank you so much Michelle, we are very pleased to have you as a stockist of Mooce.

Petra x

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