Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break with family and friends. I am really enjoying somewhat lazy days doing very little work for Mooce Baby and primarily eating all the chocolates and sweets I've been given.... oh well, I will deal with it in 2010 :-)

Here is one photo I wanted to share with you of my little munchkin from today, she got a Mooce skirt for Christmas. She is just about to take off on her little feet which means she can start wearing all her skirts and dresses.

The Spots and Stripes skirt was really popular before Christmas and so I only have one left in size 1.

I am also planning to start the New Year with a giveaway - make sure you check my blog next week!


  1. She looks adorable. Happy New Year Petra! x

  2. She is gorgeous, I love that skirt!