Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have been screen printing

I couldn't wait to use my newly acquired skills from Thea&Sami screen printing class. This is my take on the cherry blossom tree that I adore. The tshirts will be available at the Mathilda's Market on 1st November 2009. If you want one you will have to email me to snatch one from the pile before they disappear : )


  1. I was going to do that course but had too many things going on to be able to do it. Do you need much room at home to do it?

    Lisa T

    PS your t-shirts look fantastic!

  2. Petra, your design is beautiful! I also like the puffed sleeves. So baby-chic! PS... you mistyped "Thea"

  3. Lisa, no, you don't need a lot of space for small run like this. Long table and spare set of hands help though : ) You should do the class - it's great!
    Thanks Thea, sorry I have fixed the spelling : )

  4. i loooooove you cherry blossom design!!!
    can you let me know how much they are please???

    just beautiful

  5. Thank you Shan, I have emailed you.
    You can buy the tshirts from my online shop at www.moocebaby.com.au